At Ferrymead Accounting, we are passionate about ensuring that owner managed businesses in Christchurch and beyond, have the chance to thrive and succeed. Our philosophy is to embrace a holistic approach to advice. But what does this actually mean?

Basically it's all about YOU! It's not just a numbers game. Its about what YOU want in life, where YOU want to go with your business and together we will work out a plan to help YOU get there. Our logo says it all - Plan, Navigate, Achieve.

 So who do we help?

The short answer is, we help YOU, at whatever stage YOU or your business is at. So whether you're about to start in business, or you're a well established business we are here to help.

Maybe YOU own an investment property, or you have other financial interests? Again, we work with YOU, no matter if you have one investment or several. Our aim is always the same, outstanding service and great value advice with YOU at the heart of everything that we do.