At Ferrymead Accounting we are here to help YOU solve your problems so that you can run your business effectively. All businesses have operating costs, we understand this. Like you, we too, are a business. We know that we like certainty surrounding our own business costs, therefore we are up-front and transparent about our costs to you.

There is no fine print, no unexpected charges. The price we agree up front is the price you pay. No if's, no but's, no maybe's. It really is as simple as that.

It’s a promise that we guarantee.

Every business is different. As a starting point please have a look at our indicative pricing below. Then make an appointment to discuss your individual requirements.

Preparation of Annual Accounts and Tax Returns
Ideal for those clients who are happy to prepare their own GST returns and catch up every six months to discuss their business affairs.

Sole Trader - from $895 + GST
Partnership (assuming two partners) - from $995 + GST
Limited Liability Company - from $1295 + GST

A Monthly Accounting Service
Covering the preparation of GST returns, the year-end accounts and tax returns. Ideal for those that want to avoid big accountancy fees at the year end and have regular meetings to discuss their affairs.

Sole Trader – from $150 + GST per month
Limited Liability Company – from $175 + GST per month

Rental Property
Maybe you have a rental property and just need assistance preparing the year end information to calculate the profit or loss available to you. We ensure that the claims available to you are maximised, so that you never pay more than you need to.

Rental Properties Accounting - from $550 + GST
Trust Rental Property Accounting - from $995 + GST

Something Different?
Or maybe you require a tailor made solution? Not a problem, we will give adhoc advice and assistance for $150 + GST per hour (minimum 1 hour billed). To give you certainty we always agree scope and costs up front for this as well.